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At StephenLekasAttorneyat law, we are a new kind of law firm for a changing world. We are consistent, patient and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves. An integral part of our services is to work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their legal needs.

Legal Representation

Justice for You

Let Stephen Lekas Attorney at law be the solution for your Legal Representation needs. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences,  we provide, FREE CONSULTATION, with proactive solutions to a diversity of clients. We are involved in some of the most innovative, sophisticated, and complex Legal Representation cases in Houston.

DIVORCES can be very simple with no children or property and can be completed in 60 days.  Divorce can be complex, with contested property or child support issues.  These cases can be lengthy and expensive, but with easy PAYMENT PLANS you will have time to pay.

CRIMINAL cases can also be simple MISDEMEANOR  cases or complex FELONY cases, which can threaten your freedom and livelihood..  Over 95% of our clients do not do a single day in jail. 95% dismissals in assault cases.  WE WILL TRY YOUR CASE TO A JURY , IF NECESSARY.  PAYMENT PLANS available.

PERSONAL INJURY cases need to be handled quickly and swiftly.  Medical care, if needed, will be provided without advance payment by the client.  If we don't collect, you owe us nothing.  Call us before the insurance company forces you to compromise your legaL rights.

DIVORCES from $300 and up, plus filing fees.



Payment Plans Available




Payment Plans Available



Medical Care Available

Can't travel? We'll come to you.



About Us

Experienced Legal Counsel

School LIbrary

Stephen Lekas has been serving the Houston area since 1979 with measurable success. We are able to talk through each step of your case, ensuring only the highest quality service. We pride ourselves on a deep tradition of excellence. Dependable, calm, and well spoken, our legal professionals add the personal touch our clients deserve while approaching each new case with the attention it needs.  We handle divorce, criminal and personal injury cases from the simplest to the most complex.

"Stephen Lekas Attorney at Law took on all my cases head on. He has represented me with real confidence, since I was 17 years old.  I'm now 34 and he is the only attorney I will trust.  I've won all my all my cases, from divorce, child support, custody, and DWI.  He is an honest person and his prices are fair. There was always clear communication and a professional atmosphere with Stephen Lekas. I never had reason to doubt him. "

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DISCLAIMER: Everything displayed on this site shall be regarded as general information and in no way should it be interpreted as legal advice. You should contact an attorney directly regarding your own situation. Note that an attorney-client relationship will only be established after we’ve established that there is no conflict of interest.

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Fighting For Your Rights

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Legal Representation


I've been practicing for over 30 years, with countless successful cases to my name. Our Houston clients can count on our Legal Representation practice group to manage the legal framework to achieve a win. When we are involved in a case, we help our clients successfully resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do you have a legal issue not addressed here? Contact us to find out more. 713-671-9494

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